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I have just joined the Pinterest world and have been immersing myself in creating images to post. I am having fun combining my ideas and photos to create an eye-catching “Pin”. Here is one:

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This has gotten me thinking about how important “Image Making” is to our child’s development. Image-making in relationship to development describes the ability to create images in your head (imagine). Image making is a skill that must be nurtured. “Since image-making involves many parts of the brain, it’s paramount to all of our thinking processes. Images weave a tapestry of thought and feeling that enable us to integrate knowledge with experiences” Gloria DeGataeno. Being alone to just sit and think creates what artists call the fertile void, the space where creativity germinates and grows. Fortunately, creativity is encouraged when children are given time for quiet solitude. When parents talk with their children, give them solitude and are supportive of their creative pursuits, they help their children develop imagination and creativity.

How can I encourage “Image Making”?

  • Read aloud to your child every day.
  • Imagine alternate endings to the books you read, come up with new characters or have the characters make different choices.
  • Listen to audio tapes (rather than watching videos) of books and of poetry while in the car.
  • Discuss things over the dinner table.
  • Tell stories; family stories are often very interesting to your child.
  • Play with puppets and make up stories with your child.
  • Play “What is missing?” the game where your child looks at a small collection of items, you take one away while your child is not looking, and your child has to guess which item has been taken away.
  • Play the blindfold game-blindfold your child and ask him/her to navigate one of the rooms in your home.
  • Limit screen time because one result of too much screen time for children is the inability to create images in their own heads.

You may find that when first creating unscheduled time for your child results in the dreaded: “I’m BORED!” Allow your child to be bored. This is where the fertile void germinates, creativity develops and your child’s imagination begins to blossom. Create the environment and you will be amazed at what grows!

Do you have any questions?  Connect with me, I am always happy to discuss parenting!


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