Beth offers a variety of workshops and presentations that represent her areas of expertise and aspects of parenting foundations. Some of the topics offered are:

  • The effect of media on brain development
  • Parenting styles
  • Children’s learning styles
  • Brain Compatible Parenting™
  • Touchpoints™ 

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The following popular workshops can be geared towards your particular audience of parents and are a great way to add more value to the parents who frequent your business or organization.

Deepen your Loving Connection with Your Child Workshop
Learn How to Communicate, Connect and Parent with Confidence.

Do you second guess your parenting decisions?
Are you getting conflicting parenting advice from experts or family or friends?
Do you find that your kids no longer respond to things that have worked in the past?

During this presentation, I will be speaking to you about ideas that have helped my clients become better parents. You will learn how having a flexible parenting style can help you meet your child where they are in the moment and help you feel confident when dealing with unexpected parenting challenges. You will learn from my experience how to maintain good communication with your child throughout their development.

Stay ahead of the parenting game when you take away from my presentation the 5 ways to deepen your loving connection with your child which includes:

  • 2 easy to remember techniques to help improve your communication
  • 2 tips that will fuel your confidence when youmake daily parenting decisions
  • The # 1 technique that both you and your child can use as you move toward the relationship youboth desire.

Learn how to Live with Technology, Rather than Living for Technology

Do you feel like technology is taking over your family life?
Do you wonder how technology is effecting your child’s development?
Do you have trouble setting boundaries around technology?

During this presentation, I will be speaking about effective ways parents can ensure their children develop the knowledge, wisdom and self-identity to use technology more selectively while supporting their cognitive, emotional and social developmental needs.  Parents will learn how to make daily parenting decisions about technology based upon an understanding of their child’s brain development and confidently gain control of technology.  It is never too late to reverse and mitigate the negative effects of overuse of technology.

Some of the highlights of this presentation include:

  • Understand how technology effects brain development.
  • Learn to set boundaries on technology based upon parental priorities and values.
  • Learn how to get your kids excited about non-media related activities.

This presentation can be tailored to focus specifically on early childhood, the school years or the teen years.


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