About Parent Coaching

Imagine feeling confident that the parenting decisions you are making daily are in line with your family’s values.  Beth will help you discover what is currently working in your family and build on this, evaluating the systems you have in place and helping create a plan of action to attain the family life that you desire.  Working with Beth is a uniquely personal way to support yourself in the day to day as you raise your children.

In essence, Beth is a supportive companion who champions your highest aspirations for yourself and your family.

Your work with Beth is defined by you and your unique family.  You can expect lots of understanding, compassion and support; questions that may surprise and challenge you; relevant information that will help you re-define “problems” as strengths and spontaneous ideas that often bring easy “solutions”.  You can expect to laugh more and be easier on yourself and your children.

You will walk away with a “toolbox” of techniques, strategies and information to use throughout your child’s development to confidently make daily parenting decisions that deepen your loving connection with our child.

Coaching Provides

    • Non-judgmental Support
    • Parenting Guidance
    • Co-creative Construction
    • Parenting Clarity and Integrity
    • Hope and Sustainable Change

Coaching is NOT

    • Therapy
    • Consulting
    • Counseling
    • Unsolicited advice
    • Criticism

Changes You May Experience:

    • More confidence in your parenting
    • Better family communication
    • Tools to address parenting issues
    • Positive changes
    • A happier, more connected family

Where and when would we meet?

    1. Beth offers coaching sessions in person, over the phone or by Skype at your convenience. Sessions can be scheduled while kids are in school, napping or after they go to sleep at night so that the coaching conversation can be focused, efficient and productive.
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