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Hello! I’m Beth

M.A. in Parent Coaching and Child Development

Imagine feeling confident that the parenting decisions you are making daily are in line with your family’s values. I will help you discover what is currently working in your family and build on this, evaluating the systems you have in place and helping create a plan of action to attain the family life that you desire.  Working with me is a uniquely personal way to support yourself in the day to day as you raise your children.  I have deep empathy for the challenges parenting presents and believe that we are all capable of positive change and growth.

Benefits of Parent Coaching


Parents will gain confidence by discovering their parenting principles.


Parents will learn to appreciate their parenting strengths, themselves and their children.

Sustainable Change

Parents will compile a toolbox of parenting skills, techniques and resources to use anytime.

"There is nothing I love more in this world than my children! My oldest suffers from ADHD, and depression. Beth helped me to build a “toolbox” of strategies to help our family with this challenge. She was able to help me let go of my constant worry and kindly challenged me on the purpose of my anxiety, reminding me that these feelings, although valid, serve no purpose. I now visualize my son as a happy, competent, young man, offering me hope and freedom from constant worry. Beth is kind, warm, challenging and gentle."

RM – Dedham, MA

"Working with Beth was a fantastic and life changing experience. She helped me embrace and attain my dream of being a stay at home mom with my 2 year old. I wasn’t living my dream because I was too scared to make the leap. Beth gave me the gentle nudge and the thoughtful, kind words I needed. I am happier than I have ever been."

SO – Anchorage, Alaska

"Beth so effortlessly articulates how important it is to put our parenting challenges or mindset into perspective. I absolutely love how focused and clear Beth remains, regardless of the circumstances of any parenting issue that she is presented with. Just like her website states, Beth is all about solutions, and she has the ability to see that there are not problems in our relationships with our children, that our children do not need to be “fixed”, and there are only opportunities to bridge the gap between us and to really cherish & love the families that we have. Beth is clearly devoted to helping parents in a world full of technology, change and even adversity. To have Beth’s expertise as a parenting coach at our fingertips is truly a blessing. She simply understands and listens."

Nicole Perry, Plymouth, MA June 2017

"Working with Beth was a great experience. She offers practical solutions for children of all ages. She came up with helpful ideas for our current "dilemmas" but also tracks to be laid now to avoid future behavioral issues. My only regret is that I didn't meet with Beth when my daughter was a newborn instead of five! "

Erika Kennedy- Hingham- Group Coaching

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Beth offers coaching sessions in person, over the phone or by Skype at your convenience. Sessions can be scheduled while kids are in school, napping or after they go to sleep at night so that the coaching conversation can be focused, efficient and productive.

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