I think Spring is finally here…this weekend is supposed to be sunny and warm. I plan to wash the winter grime from the windows in my home. I feel like the house is brighter when the windows are clean.

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Life is seasonal. Not only do the plants around us experience new growth, new fruit, autumn colors and dormancy, so do we. Adults experience the same seasonal cycles as nature. Think back to a time when you were filled with the energy of a new idea. You felt invigorated, excited and energetic, like we feel on those first days of spring. Summer comes and we settle into the comfortable weather, as we settle into the fruition of the new idea. After a while (Summer can last for years) a slight feeling of discontent sets in, the air begins to cool and we see the first signs of color on the leaves. We begin to look for something to change. Then it snows. The world slows down as everything goes dormant. We may slow down as we ruminate and process how and what this new change will be. And then, as the first crocus emerges from the cold earth, your new direction begins to become clear and the cycle begins again. It can be helpful to understand where you are in this growth cycle. We can be in different stages for different aspects of our lives.
So what does this mean for us as parents? It is a way to take care of yourself and honor where you are in this cycle by either giving yourself some extra time to focus on the new Spring energy of an idea, to just enjoy the contentment of Summer, allow yourself to morn the last leaves of Fall, or just sit quietly and patiently in the Winter of dormancy. When we are kind to ourselves and give ourselves the care and attention we need, we are modeling self-care to our children, teaching them that everyone’s needs are important and supporting our ability to be the best parents we can be. What windows in your life do you need to clean so that you can see more clearly?

Happy Spring!


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