Sustainable Change

Do you worry that you are not equipped to keep up with your child’s changing needs?
Are you looking toward to the teen years with fear and trepidation?
Are you hoping to maintain communication with your children as they grow?

By defining your Parenting Foundations, the concrete unshakable truths and values that describe your ideal family, you will create a strong foundation to support all of your parenting decisions. Clarity around this foundation will help you to continue to parent confidently as your child grows and matures. You will understand why your child does certain things and what to do about them. You will learn easy-to-remember techniques that will help you practice the parenting skills you have defined for yourself. You will compile a toolbox of parenting skills, techniques and resources to use anytime to address parenting challenges as they arise.

I now visualize my son as a happy, competent young man.

“There is nothing I love more in this world than my children! My oldest suffers from ADHD and depression. Beth helped me to build a “toolbox” of strategies to help our family with this challenge. She was able to help me let go of my constant worry and kindly challenged me on the purpose of my anxiety, reminding me that these feelings, although valid, serve no purpose. I now visualize my son as a happy, competent young man, offering me hope and freedom from constant worry. Beth is kind, warm, challenging and gentle.

~ RM – Dedham, MA